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Hajna Hári
Art Direction
Creative Communication

I’m involved in a range of creative pursuits,  as a designer, art director, and campaigner.

In my role as an art director, I specialize in conceptualizing innovative campaign ideas and bringing them to life. My experience spans diverse projects, encompassing brand identities, brand strategies, and social and media campaigns.

Beyond my creative endeavors, I’m passionately engaged in sustainable campaigns, contributing my skills to causes I believe in.


Providing guidance to shape your products, services and the future of your brand. Help new ideas emerge and existing products to grow. Ensure your brand has the impact it deserves, allowing you to take charge of your identity and digital future.

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Creative Campaign Strategy
Social Media Campaign
Creative Development

Awards and recognitions

Marie Claire Magazine aritcle about Zerofashion

Style Magazine article about Zerofashion

Interview about FreeSZFE masks

National Geographic cover photo of a FreeSZFE mask

Winner in the Fine Arts and Cinematography category of the Versünnep competition by National Theater 

Second place in the József Attila Theater logo competition

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+36 30 505 88 16